Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What's Wrong With Christopher Robin?

Christopher Robin and his menagerie of beloved animals have become iconic to American & British childhood (the author, A.A.Milne, was born and lived in Great Britain) Personally, I have never been an ardently devoted Pooh fan, but there is an innocent charm about the adventures of a little boy and his bear, that I can't help but wonder at the bucolic, carefree view that pervades the Hundred Acre Wood.
Yet, some have condemned Christopher Robin for being a "sissy boy," and the sentiment can be felt that, instead of stuffed animals, he should play with mock weapons, training himself for the call of war. Where goes the innocence then? Why should he want to maim and kill in his make-believe world?
Obviously, this goes a little deeper than a fictional storybook character. This is about the formation of today's boys; tomorrow's men. I firmly believe there is a danger in the young boys of today dwelling on fantasies of the battlefield. Truth is, war is perhaps the ugliest thing mankind has engaged in. It is a fact of our existence and history, but the followers of the meekest, gentlest Person who walked the earth should not become entangled in this atrocity. We have been put here to show mercy instead of vengeance, compassion instead of selfishness, and love instead of hatred.
So, let little children be free of the hideous blotch of war, and may we also be more like them.


  1. It's sad because of the glorification of war and violence, some people are leary to follow Jesus because He is love.

  2. Hannah, what a wonderful comparison! I agree that today's boys(Even christian ones), focus way to much time on war, weapons and the like. although I believe that these things may encourage bravery and defending the ladies, it is WAY overdone, and very sad to see

  3. I agree Hannah. But how do we get rid of the sissy boy stereotype in our society? How do we let men know that it is perfectly masculine to be gentle and peace-filled, like Jesus?

  4. You know... I can only agree halfway, in some respect boys have it in them to be warriors... it's just how God made us. I mean, look at the old testament and tell me who the greatest role model for being a "man after God's own heart" is and you'll most likely point me to David. The shepard boy who composed songs and prayed tearfully to God... the man who is also known as a man of war... who learned how to fight and kill animals that tried to steal his father's sheep and a man that also had God backing him up in most of these fights.

    I think there is a line where guys go overboard with the whole war glory thing, YES, definately I personally don't but I also have no ill bearing for my friends that are in the marines and other branches of the military. Remember Christ is coming back on a white horse next time and he's coming back with judgement.

    I do agree that guys push it too far though, most of them really don't understand what "war" really is and while I won't quote it I believe that old saying about war being... you know what I mean. How do you draw the line though? I mean there is a point where someone can go too far the other way too, to the point of being pathetic and cowardly... which is what I think most guys fear and as a result they try and tip the scale in the other way because they don't understand how to act like a real man of God.

    It's difficult to find that happy medium and walk as a man should... but realize that a good Christian boy will only try to do that and merely needs to be nudged in the right direction in order to find that middle ground if he already hasn't.

  5. The only problem I have with David, is that though he was the man after God's own heart, it was because of hi warfare that he wasn't allowed to build the Temple. That says alot to me concerning Christian holiness. I believe our greatest example of masculinity is definitely Jesus. He never hurt anyone, and said His Kingdom was not of this world. But weak & helpless? I think not. Women and children found His strong presence comforting. So, I think it is perfectly "manly" to decline from the carnal battles of this world. Thank you to everyone for all your encouraging comments!

  6. Dearest Hannah,
    While I agree with alot of what you are saying I also must add that men are called to war somtimes by GOD Himself (as we see that clearly in the OT) and Christ in the last days leads a very bloody battle against Satan. God is rightous in ALL things and yes, He is the Prince of Peace! We can not add to the word of God, we must not act like God did not "complete" the Bible, so we need to add to it and make up for God's lack. Pastor Doulas Wilson says that when one is called to war you must "question your heart one thousand times to make sure it is of the Lord and not some prideful pursuit on your part". We feel we need to teach our boys to be men of peace and love following Christ's example here on earth, ready to lay down their lives for a high calling. But they must also be prepared that someday they may be called to war and if so it is a high calling from God a truly heavy and hard cross they must bear, but as with all crosses, it must be born with a williness to yeild to the Fathers hand.
    And as far as David goes perhaps you should be a little slower in judgment on a man that THE ALMIGHTY calls a man after HIS own heart. I think he might know a little more about Holiness than you're giving him credit for.
    So I encourage you dear sister in the Lord, we must not be ashamed of any part of the Bible. We must embrace ALL of who Christ is and was and is forever. Not just Christ as The Lamb. But all of who He is!
    I do not mean to "correct" you, just encourage you! (heart)

  7. Hannah,
    I appreciate your article! Training Christian boys for war and presenting it as a Christian occupation or duty? That's not what Christ came to teach. Yes, Jesus will come with a sword one day, but our ministry should be as His is now: peace and reconciliation. Mrs. KSU