Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Women's Rights

People, I know the frock coat is pink, but do forgive him all the same. I've got a topic to talk about, if not with anyone else, then at least with myself. What are a woman's rights? Ok, my first big point is that it is not a woman's right to abort her child. That's human rights, which I'm not talking about at the moment. I mean honest to goodness male & female interaction. Are men supposed to dominate women, worship them as incomprehensible goddesses, or treat them as intellectual and spiritual equals? My personal inclination is to think that the latter is most desirable. I've seen several different scenarios which have influenced my thought line here; I'll give one of them:
Man is self-centered and irresponsible, never even tries to understand woman, and writes her offer as another moody, unpredictable female. This feeds the woman's self-centeredness, and she decides the all men are selfish pigs. So then she becomes independant of man. Bad, bad, bad. I would say that this is how much of our culture operates today.
So, I guess what I'm asking here is how do you all see men's and women's roles. I don't expect or desire to be addressed as Madam, Your Highness, or anything silly like that. I think we should all treat each other with the same basic, Christian love. Not that girls should be back-slapping, chummy types, but I don't think we need to be handled as aliens, either.
What say ye?