Friday, June 12, 2009

Who Decides? pt 1

Yeesh. I didn't know that our little valley was home to such, shall I say, nutcases. Here are a few excerpts from an editorial in Sunday's paper, written by none other than Susan Cahill, proprietor of the local Planned Parenthood office.
"Sunday, May 31, a friend and colleague was murdered in his house of worship while he was handing out church bulletins. His name was Dr. George Tiller, and he was murdered because he cared about women."
Excuse me? Does it ever occur to anyone that he may have cared about all the money he was making? No, just another goodhearted humanitarian. We need more folks like that. (pukes) Let's carry on.
"The person who murdered Dr. Tiller is one of a group of people who consider ANY life more important than that of women and children already born."
Say what? Pro-lifers consider any life more important than other life? It all sounds like life to me, but then I probably am not astute enough to understand the complexity of abortion ethics.
"This country was founded on RELIGIOUS FREEDOM. When life begins is a religious belief. I'll say that again. One's belief about when life begins DEPENDS on what religion (if any) you follow." So, which religion decided that life begins after birth?
"Some believe life begins at conception. For others it may be when the woman first feels fetal movement or when the child takes its first breath."
I think a whole lot of the various religions take several different stances on when life begins. As you can see, it isn't really about your religion, but rather how you feel.
"My personal belief is that it depends on the relationship the woman has with her pregnancy."
What????? So, is she saying that if a woman doesn't "have a good relationship" with her pregnancy, she can deny its status as a living person?
"Those who believe that life begins at conception killed Dr. Tiller"
Ahem- I must recall the fact that one man shot him, not the whole group of people who label themselves pro-life.
"They have decided not only that an embryo or fetus that cannot exist outside of a woman's body has more value than the woman..."
And how many shelters specifically minister to the needs of desperate women?
"...but also that anyone who does not have that same religious belief should be killed. The Taliban are alive and well in our own communities."
I believe Ann Coulter nails this one on the head in her article 49 million to 5.
"I do not write this letter in the hopes of changing the hearts of those that believe otherwise. But for those women who are struggling with what they believe, I want you to know that in our office, you are respected."
Nice little sales-pitch, don't you think?
That is all I am writing for now, but read again next time in part 2 of Who Decides?